Meidän tarinamme

Food with love

Bistro Le Coin is a place where long-cherished dreams, love and passion to produce a quality restaurant experience come true in the best possible way

"A relaxed atmosphere, heartfelt customer service and high-quality cuisine, combined with great drink products, should be our mantra today and tomorrow."

We don't intend to offer everything to everyone, but let everything we offer be really good. Let's do what we know how to do and put all our efforts into quality," sums up Bistro Le Coin's Restaurant Manager and Kitchen Manager Eero Suhonen. Suhonen has been in Helsinki's restaurants scene for a long time, who is familiar with the city's top restaurants and competitions on and off television.

”Toiveeni on luoda ravintola, josta vieraamme, eikä henkilökunta halua koskaan pois.”-Suhonen unelmoi.


French Bistro with a modern twist

Bistro Le Coin's philosophy comes strongly from France. The world of flavors is gracefully enlivened by the rest of Europe. There are familiar names on the labels of the wine bottles, but there is also room for rarities and surprises in the cellar. The purity and sustainability of the raw materials are written into the entire essence of Bistro Le Coin. In the food product, the main focus is on the menu items. The drink packages are carefully selected.

Yksissä tuumin parivaljakko on luomassa ravintolaa, josta vieraat, eikä henkilökunta, haluaisi koskaan lähteä pois. Sydämellisyys ja lämpö ovat sanoja, joita painotetaan ja alleviivataan kaikessa toiminnassa.